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Ship WeldingWe offer tested and certified welders who display unrivalled  expertise.

All types of electric arc welding work can be undertaken,  both  in the shop and afloat, along with gravity welding,  manual  metal  arc welding and submerged metal arc welding.

Other welding equipment includes:

  • Plasma cutters
  • Gas profile cutters
  • Acetylene and oxygen torches
  • Diesel welding machines
  • Mig and Tig welding machines
  • Conventional welding machines
  • Full complement of welding consumables
  • Comprehensive stock holding of steel plates and  tubing

Technical Training

We provide staff with technical and practical training in the following disciplines:

  • Welding and flame cutting, which results in trainees having the ability to apply themselves and the training they received to the company's benefit.
  • We are also highly appreciative of the training we have received from Japanese Technical experts, which has resulted in our venture excelling.